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Rates & Fees

Nueces Electric Cooperative strives to keep our rates affordable and reasonable at all times. Here is a list of fees you may incure or you may View the Full NEC Tariff.


Non-Payment Disconnect Fees

If payment is not received in our office before the disconnection date, your service may be disconnected. If disconnected, you will be required to pay all amounts due in order to reconnect service. For an AMI meter, a disconnect fee of $20 and a $20 reconnect fee. For all other meters, a disconnect fee of $100 and a $100 reconnect which includes the trip fee.You will also be required to pay a deposit equal to 1/6 of the annual billing. These additional charges as specified will be applied to your account and will need to be paid before reconnection.


Membership fee

Each applicant will be assessed a membership fee of $15.00.


Account Setup Fee

The Cooperative will charge $25.00 for processing each service connection. A service connection is defined as any connection or reconnection which results in establishing a new account, or the transfer of an existing account on the books of the Cooperative.



If a deposit is required, the deposit shall not exceed an amount equivalent to one-sixth (1/6) of the estimated annual billing. A deposit may be required if a member’s account has been disconnected for nonpayment. The deposit may be adjusted if the Cooperative believes that the deposit is insufficient.


Meter Fee

Each new account is assessed a $60 meter fee, which will appear on your first bill, to cover the cost of the meter and the trip fee to install  the meter.


Delinquent Fees

The Co-op may assess a one-time penalty, not to exceed five percent (5%) on each delinquent bill.


Trip Fee

The Cooperative shall charge $100 for each trip to Member's premises during office hours and $200 after hours, which is requested by the Member, or is reasonably necessary under standard operating practice (e.g. maintenance calls if the problem is on the Member's side). 


Construction Fees

A $350 fee / deposit is charged to secure engineering services. The Construction Coordinator will guide you on additional construction charges needed to complete your specific project. Construction fees include temporary service connections may include connection to a temporary pole for construction power or connection of a temporary building. Additionally, a trip fee will be charged for this service.


Sales Tax

All bills shall be adjusted by the amount of sales tax attributable to the sale of electric service, unless the member has previously provided satisfactory proof of exemption.


Transitional Charges

Members located in areas within the former AEP boundaries are charged AEP assessment fees per the Public Utility Commission of Texas totaling 1.5¢ per kWh. NEC has been directed by the PUC to collect and send these funds to AEP. 


Transmission & Delivery Charge (T&D)

T&D charge is an adjustment to your bill. It is a monthly adjustment to be applied to the current monthly billing to account for differences in actual purchased electricity cost. This monthly charge shall be increased or decreased on a per-kWh basis. The current T&D included in your monthly electric bill is $0.014950 kilowatt-hour (kWh)* as of 01-04-2021




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