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Hurricane Harvey: the storm is not over yet

As of 11 a.m., we have approximately 5,000 members without power.

The National Weather Service is expecting #HurricaneHarvey to be circling back around to the SW and back into our area. Moderate flooding is expected, especially in the Bluntzer and Calallen area. Winds are expected to exceed 50mph throughout the day, which means that for their safety, our crews are unable to begin any widespread repairs.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time and remember to stay safe. This storm is not over just yet. #Outage #OutageViewer #StormSoldiers #NECRestores

NEC experiencing widespread outages

As #HurricaneHarvey moves ashore, NEC is experiencing widespread outages with more expected to come. Stay indoors and stay away from downed power lines as they are very dangerous.

NEC gears up for Hurricane Harvey

Avan Irani, our Chief Operating Officer, is giving our Tier 1 employees the final safety brief before #HurricaneHarvey this morning. After this, our guys are heading home to protect their families and rest up during the storm.

All office closed Friday, August 25

Due to the progression of Tropical Storm Harvey, NEC has decided to close ALL offices to members tomorrow, Friday, August 25.

However, our employees will be working hard throughout the storm to monitor and assess the damage to our area. Please program our outage phone number now to have on hand during the storm: 1-800-632-9288.

We encourage all members to stay safe during this storm.

Update for Critical Load Members

NEC Critical Load members, we want to inform you Tropical Depression Harvey is approaching with heavy rains and winds. We may experience power outages in the next few days. Please take extra precautions and make other arrangements for on-site back up capabilities in the event of electric service being lost.  Our crews will be working hard to restore power to our critical load members. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. 

Update for Critical Care Members

NEC Critical Care members, we want to inform you Tropical Depression Harvey is expected to make landfall within the next 72 hours. We may experience continued power outages in the next few days. Please prepare back-up generators, batteries, and flashlights to provide life-support.  Any members that require electrically powered medical equipment should have a backup electrical power source on hand, such as a portable emergency generator or a battery powered backup system.

Watching Tropical Depression Harvey

8-23-17, 11:30 a.m. - The current path of Tropical Depression Harvey shows potential impact in Nueces Electric Cooperative's service territory. On Monday, Alert Level One of NEC’s Emergency Response Plan was activated, however given the progression of the storm, NEC has now moved to Alert Level Two as of this morning. TD Harvey is to be expected to make landfall within the next 72 hours and NEC’s service area is in the projected path.


Important Billing Update

July 21, 2017 -- For those members that have chosen NEC Co-op Energy as their provider:


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