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Storm Update

5/17 11:40 am Update At this time we have four outages and nine members without power. These outages are in hard to reach areas and some require extensive repairs. Our line crews are ready, on site and have worked all night to restore power as quickly as possible. We are expecting to be fully restored within the next few hours.

5/16 5:30 pm Update: Our line crews are hard at work and have done an amazing job restoring power after last nights storm. Due to individual outages, there are currently 142 members without power. Our lineworkers are trained, dedicated, and will not stop until power is restored to all NEC members! We thank our members for their patience during this restoration process.

5/16 1:30 pm Update: The storms last night and this morning caused significant wind and lightening damage to NEC power lines. The damage is scattered throughout NEC's entire system and NEC crews have been hard at work to get members' power restored. At one point over 5,000 members were impacted. NEC line crews have done an amazing job and have only about 350 members remaining without power at this time. Unfortunately, the remaining member impacts are small, individual outages and must each be worked by crews separately. Restoring all of these outages could take into this evening. We thank our members for your patience and know the extended interruption of power is very inconvenient. Please know we have all crews on deck working to get your power restored ASAP. They are an amazing team and will get your power on as soon as they can. Let's give a big thumbs up to all of the NEC crews doing an amazing job to get NEC members' power back on!

5/16 2:30 am Update At this time we have multiple outages across our service area. Our crews are out working hard to make sure that power is restored to every member quickly and safely. For the most up to date information on an outage in your area, please visit

Basic Storm Safety…

  • Unplug major appliances to protect them from a power surge when power comes back on.
  • Leave a light turned on so you know when power is restored.
  • If you use a generator while your power goes out, do not bring it inside or in an enclosed area. Make sure to put it on your well- ventilated patio or open your garage door to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Do not plug generators directly into wall outlets -- this protects you and our line workers as they work to restore power.
  • Never remove debris that’s within 10 feet of a power line.
  • Avoid down power lines. If a power line falls on your car, stay inside until help arrives. DO NOT try to get out.
  • If you had to leave your home due to flooding, be careful when reentering and plugging in appliances that have been sitting in water (even after they are dry)



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