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Your power reliability is a priority for Nueces Electric Cooperative but sometimes weather, wear and tear, animals, and other things can cause an interruption in your electricity services. If you experience a power interruption please follow the steps below to ensure your power is restored in the quickest most efficient manner possible.

  1. Check your breakers and see if your neighbors are also out of power.

  2. Report your NEC delivery area power outage to NEC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-NEC-WATT (800-632-9288).
    • Give us your name and NEC account number
    • Tell us the time the power went out
    • Give other important information:
      • If neighbors are out also out of power.
      • If there are wires down, trees on a line, bad weather, pole fires, or any sounds that accompanied the outage.
      • If there is digging or construction in the area (for underground lines).
    • Tell the customer service representative if you would like to receive a call-back when the power is restored.


Monitor power outages and restoration efforts using the NEC Outage Viewer
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Power Outage Safety Tips: 

  • Unplug major appliances to protect them from a power surge when power comes back on.
  • Leave a light turned on so you know when power is restored.
  • Refuel heaters, lamps, and generators outside, and stay away from any flames or sparks. Wipe up fuel spills immediately.
  • Contact us if you're using a generator -- this protects you and our line workers as they work to restore power.
  • Never operate lanterns, heaters, or fuel-fired stoves without proper ventilation.
  • Never burn charcoal indoors. It releases poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • Avoid downed power lines or sparking equipment.
  • Never remove debris that's within 10 feet of a power line.
  • Prevent children from carrying candles or oil lamps.


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