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New Construction

The information below is the NEC New Member Packet. Please review the information below and print/ complete the application for membership form and return to NEC in person or by fax (361-387-4139). Once received by fax, an NEC New Service Coordinator will contact you with further information.

Step 1: Fill out Service Application & Pay the construction deposit. The construction process takes 6-8 weeks.

Step 2: Meet with Design Technician & receive a construction invoice from the Construction Coordinator.

Step 3: Provide easements, legal property descriptions & any additional construction charges. (Project is voided after 6 months if the invoice is not paid and the $350 deposit will be retained by the cooperative.)

Step 4: Work with Construction Coordinator to schedule your project for completion (See Spec Sheets below to view members responsibilities)

Step 5: Choose your Power Provider (Please wait to set up your provider until construction actually begins)

Step 6: NEC places and starts the meter (will take 3-5 business days after we are notified by your provider)

Step 7: The $350 deposit will automatically go toward the final invoice. If a Member paid an Aid to Construction, the Member must request their Aid to Construction refund once the structure is being permanently used. See the construction checklist for details. Refunds take 30-60 days to process once the request is received by the Member. Members must request the refund within (5) years. 


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