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LIVE Safety Demonstrations

Graphic - warning Electrical hazard sign on a gate

LIVE Safety Demonstrations

Presented by our Safety Manager, and often assisted by a Co-op Lineman, the demonstration is a fun and effective was to promote safety around electricity. 



Held each Sping, this 2.5 hour annual presentation, fire departments and emergency response teams learn to react quickly and safely to emergencies involving electricity. This comprehensive demonstration includes policies and procedures for utility disconnects.


School assemblies, ages fourth grade and up learn to respect the power of electrical lines through this very dynamic, fun and educational program. Because of its energetic delivery, this demonstration has amazing information retention levels.



In just the time it takes for a company’s safety meeting, employers can arm their employees with information that could save their lives, and the lives of their co-workers, friends or family members. The dynamic presentation includes NFPA 70E training, OSHA regulations, a live lockout/tagout program and specific instructions on OSHA’s minimum approach distance to overhead power lines.



Because of its unique, fun and exciting presentation, Electrical Safety Presentations are a way to add a spark to your fair, festival, carnival, farm day, etc.



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