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Beware of Utility Scams

Now more than ever, utility scams are on the rise and growing in the number of victims who fall for these scams. Below are some general tips to avoid falling for imposter utility scams, especially during these unprecedented times.

Protect Your Personal Information: Never provide or confirm personal information (Social Security number, date of birth) or financial information (banking account information, debit or credit card information) to anyone initiating contact with you, whether by phone, in-person, or email, claiming to be a utility company representative.

Always Ask Questions: If the person that is contacting you doesn’t feel trustworthy, it is important to ask questions that verify the position of the person calling. If they cannot answer simple questions about the company, it is best to hang up and report them to your utility company. 

Report the Scam to Your Utility: We are not aware of scam calls as we are not the ones making these contacts with members, so it is important to report this to your utility company. In addition, it is also important to report this to local authorities so that there is record of this happening. 

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